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Connected Living, Unbeatable Savings: Black Friday Smart Home Deals

Experience "Connected Living, Unbeatable Savings" with our Black Friday smart home deals. Explore a world of possibilities with intelligent devices that simplify daily routines and add a touch of luxury to your home. This collection presents a unique opportunity to embrace the future of home technology while enjoying significant savings during the Black Friday shopping frenzy.



Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Hot Cold Water Dispenser





Cocktail MachineMaker by Bartesian


Bartesian is an intelligent drink system that lets you bring the bar home with the push of a button. Each Bartesian capsule is filled with the exact fresh ingredients needed to make a high-quality cocktail, which are then automatically mixed with your choice of spirit. You no longer require all the individual ingredients, knowledge, time and mess to craft your own premium, mixologist-approved drinks.



Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) w/Adapter



The Ring Alarm Keypad gives you indoor wireless access to easily arm and disarm your Ring Alarm when you’re home. Choose from Home, Away, or Disarmed security modes. The home mode-only arms select sensors to give you flexibility. Away mode activates all your sensors to protect your home while you’re away. Disarmed mode disarms your sensors and allows you to move freely throughout the house. The Keypad also features three emergency buttons to request police, fire, or medical response when your Alarm is professionally monitored*. It’s easy to set up and only takes a few minutes to install. It plugs into a power outlet and comes with a rechargeable internal battery for a wireless solution. * Professional monitoring requires a Ring Protect Plan subscription (sold separately) and in-app enrollment in professional monitoring.



Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision





Grow Light For Indoor Plants | Angel Ring



Indoor plants and herbs require light to grow. With 4 dimming levels, an adjustable height and rotation feature, the angel ring grow light is suitable for indoor plants and herbs at all cultivation stages. Includes USB connector and automated timing feature.



Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Galaxy Star Projector



Choose from a nearly infinite number of aurora colors using the color wheel on your smartphone. From cool crystal blue to fiery red, you can set the mood easily by selecting any color you can think of. You can even go white.

Smart App Integration with Programmable Scenes: This projector is compatible with any Android or iOS phone. It takes only a few seconds to set up. Plus, you can create and save the different star, full moon, and aurora borealis combinations as ‘scenes’ for each of your moods.

Turn on soothing music to watch the aurora borealis dance and change according to the sound, which will create the calm or lively atmosphere that you want. You will never see the Northern Lights quite like this.



Eufy By Anker RoboVac G20 Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner, 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop


2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop: Mop and vacuum your home at the same time for a complete clean. RoboVac G20 Hybrid leaves nothing behind except spotless floors.

Efficient Cleaning: With Smart Dynamic Navigation, RoboVac G20 methodically cleans your floors for better coverage than random-path vacuums. *Compared with RoboVac 10.*It divides the cleaning area into 4 x 4 m zones and cleans them one by one.



Smart Wireless Bluetooth Audio Bedside Alarm Clock


Package list: Bluetooth speaker clock x1, 3.5Mm audio cable X1, USB charging cable X1, product instruction X1 1. Multiple optional playback modes, Bluetooth link playback, TF card playback, AUX link playback, FM radio free choice to meet your various playback needs, and enjoy good music anytime and anywhere. 

Enjoy wireless music playback Bluetooth 4.2 is equipped with wireless standard Bluetooth which can receive and send sound wirelessly. It can play the audio of smartphones such as iPhones and support Bluetooth devices wirelessly. 

Large display screen, supporting clock alarm function, three-gear brightness adjustable. It can be used as a mobile phone holder, and the built-in Mark Wind supports hands-free calls.



Smart Moon Lamp by Gingko


This Smart Moon lamp from Gingko will send you into space. Gravity-defying, this lamp features a 3D printed moon that seems to magically float above the walnut base and slowly rotates just like the real celestial body. Emitting a cool white light, it’s suspended by a strong built-in magnet that creates a mesmerising illusion of the real thing.



Smart Mirror Television by Soulaca | Bathroom Waterproof


A mirror TV is a TV whose front panel is optical mirror. The TV picture vanishes when turned off, returning to a full mirror.

Using a mirror TV doesn`t only enhance the overall look of your bathroom. In addition, it also entertains you, resulting in making your life a lot better. Nothing sitting in a bathtub watching TV after a long and hectic day. It gives you time to relax your mind as well as relieve yourself of those pesky muscles that are tired from carrying the burden all day.



Omni Cook Robot, All-in-1 Multi-Cooker by TOKIT


An all-in-one kitchen appliance that prepares your meals efficiently, faster, and more exciting than ever. It features a simple-use 7-inch touchscreen and step-by-step digital recipes with an automated cooking process that brings every perfect and delicious meal to the table.

Get endless cooking inspiration with our exclusive recipe site, featuring thousands of global delicacies. Users can easily collect their favorite recipes. Our chef team consistently delivers new and innovative recipes every week!



THEATER Projector + ALR Screen by Formovie



Customize Formovie THEATER Ultra Short Throw Projector + 120" ALR Fixed Frame Projector Screen Package.

Formovie Theater is the winner of the latest 2022 Ultra Short Throw Projector showdown. This extensive review by industry experts has rated this UST projector the best in the tri-laser class ahead of some pretty meaty industry titans such as Samsung and LG. Not only does this beauty give the best image the Android 11 interface provides user-friendly navigation between apps, plus great sound from Bowers and Wilkins built-in speakers.



T48S IP Phone by Yealink



Yealink IP phone SIP-t48SB 16 sip accounts HD voice Poe support gigabit Ethernet, USB dongle, Wi-Fi USB dongle, 3-way conferencing. This phone offers a large touch screen that makes switching between pages and applications swift, easy, and convenient.

Yealink IP phone sip-t48s 16 sip accounts HD voice Poe support gigabit Ethernet, USB dongle, Wi-Fi USB dongle, 3-way conferencing.

This phone offers a large touch screen that makes switching between pages and applications swift, easy and convenient.

The sip-t48s also has Yealink optima HD voice technology and wideband codec of the opus for unparalleled audio clarity.

The phone uses Gigabit Ethernet technology for rapid call handling.



Portable Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp



This UV disinfection lamp achieves 99.99% sterilization (kills 99.99% of germs) by targeting the DNA of microbes, damaging the DNA structure, and preventing their reproduction. It kills Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and works on any surface, and in air or water that is infected by these germs. This device provides sterilization and air purification for spaces under 430 square feet.



Self Cleaning Cat Litter Tray by ELS PET


The self-cleaning cat litter box can be operated via APP, keeping control of equipment status.
It can set the number of minutes after the cat goes to the toilet to automatically clean up so that it will be clean and refreshed every time. And it will record each cat's toilet habits.

Using high-precision gravity detection to prevent the cat from being pinched more effectively and safely. If a cat is suspected of being caught during operation, the machine will immediately stop running.
The APP will be a real-time push of APP exception messages and you can take immediate countermeasures.



Clean Water Machine


Clean Water Machine instantly transforms ordinary tap water into clean, extraordinary water at the push of a button for 300 gallons.

Traditional pitcher filters use gravity to slowly trickle water over filter granules, but our Clean Water Machine uses power for super-fast and effective filtration, delivering an 8oz. glass of clean, filtered water in only 8 seconds. That’s 5X faster than the leading pitcher filter.



NSPanel Pro Smart Home Control Panel by SONOFF



Your smart lights, switches, heaters, coolers, curtains, and all your smart devices can be controlled. An unlimited number of devices can be added and controlled, all in one panel.

NSPanel Pro can quickly add Zigbee devices to the screen. The standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol makes the connection more stable and the coverage wider.



LuxuryLiving Modern 3D Fog Wall Lamp w/ Smart LED Flame & Fireplace Effect


Ideal for living room decor with certification from DHgate, enjoy discount shopping and fast delivery now.



Floor One S7 Combo Smart Multifunktion Reiniger by TINECO


5 in 1 smart multifunctional vacuum cleaner. The ultimate replacement for traditional vacuum cleaners, providing an effective solution for wet messes, dry or oily stains and other messes that vacuum cleaners cannot handle. Equipped with the latest floor mopping and vacuum cleaner technology, it takes on everyday stains and dirt with ease.





The OptimH2O® is the ultimate protector for your home and family. IAPMO tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 53 (includes P473), the system reduces more than 99% of lead and cysts, 98% of PFOA/PFOS, and tackles chlorine, chloramines, and more.

The OptimH2O® provides benefits throughout your entire home. Get great-tasting, odor-free water for cooking and drinking. Cooking with filtered water produces stronger flavors, quicker cooking times, and all-around optimal results in the kitchen.



Glacier Ultrafiltration Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain


The Glacier ultrafiltration cat water fountain is equipped with an advanced ultrafiltration filter, made of ultra-fine hollow fiber membranes with pore sizes as small as 0.01μm. Removes up to 99.99% of harmful particles from your pet’s drinking water, enhancing their overall well-being with every sip.

Get more value with our pet water fountain filters, each capable of lasting up to two months for effective water purification. A single PETLIBRO filter can purify at least 2500L of water. Let the filter do the hard work, so you can focus on what truly matters—sharing love and special moments with your pet.

An anti-whisker fatigue water basin, chew-proof cables, and a vacuum suction system ensure comfort and safety for your cherished companions.



Xbox Series X + Starfield


Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles—all games look and play best on Xbox Series X. Limit 1 console purchase per customer.



NEO Bidet Attachments by The LUXE Bidet


The LUXE Bidet® NEO 320 is a warm water bidet toilet attachment, equipped with dual wash nozzles, a mode knob, and a pressure control lever that is to easy to operate. During use, the nozzle extends below the guard gate and after use, the nozzle retracts into its housing. In addition, the NEO 320 features an innovative self-cleaning sanitary nozzle that rinses the nozzle with fresh or warm water. It also has a feminine wash mode for a more delicate spray.



Large Air Flow Solar Roof Vent Fan


MPPT Solar Powered: Is it getting hot in your attic? A 40W MPPT controller can fully utilize sunlight to extract hot air from your attic. Our solar attic fan greatly reduces your cooling costs and is compatible with both metal and masonry roofs.

High-efficient DC Motor: Cut back on energy consumption. This solar roof fan has a brushless DC motor that can cool up to 1230 CFM, making it perfect for keeping your great room cool. Plus, it's waterproof so it can last you for many summers to come.

Built-in Thermostat: The solar-powered roof vent fan has a thermostat that allows for precise temperature regulation. You can set your desired temperature range, and the solar-powered attic fan will automatically adjust its speed accordingly.



Wonder Oven



6-in-1 air fryer and toaster oven with steam infusion.

A conveniently sized, countertop-worthy appliance that can air fry, bake, roast, toast, reheat, and broil – all with our steam infusion technology for crispy exteriors and soft, moist interiors.



Kiki Pure Pro Air Purifier



The new KIKI Pure Pro is compact, quiet, and DOESN'T REQUIRE REPLACEMENT FILTERS. Attach the cup holder accessory for use in the car, charge the device with the USB-C cable included, and have up to 4 hours of battery-powered use. Its real-time air quality sensor will keep you informed of the quality of the air around you.



Studio Scent Diffuser



Now you can make your home smell just like your favorite 5-star hotel. Meet the perfect stand-alone diffuser, which harnesses the power of scent and fills your space with an even, beautiful, healthy fragrance.

Utilizing cold-air diffusion technology, the Studio Scent Diffuser turns fragrance oil into a dry nano-mist. With this method, the scent stays suspended in the air longer and has better coverage. Using no heat or water, the Studio Scent Diffuser preserves the therapeutic properties of our fragrance oils without altering their smell.  

This type of advanced atomization technology is residue free and safe for children and pets.



SwitchBot Blind Tilt


The world's easiest solar-powered smart blinds. Here to help make your blinds smart instantly.

SwitchBot Blind Tilt removes the need to replace existing louvers, and with simple installation, you can make your blinds smart instantly.

Use our app or use timers to open and close your smart blinds when in Bluetooth range. And when paired with SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately), you'll be able to use smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Siri to control your blinds remotely even when you're outside of the house.



ALLPOWERS R4000 Portable Power Station



The S2000 pro has a remarkable 1500Wh capacity and 2400W output, making it capable of running 99% of home appliances. You may use it to power the majority of tools and appliances for outdoor activities and domestic crises, giving you confidence in any situation.

With 1500W AC input (NO HEAVY, BULKY ADAPTOR or BRICK), ALLPOWERS S2000 Pro portable power station can be fully recharged within 1.5 hours. Via MPPT 650W max solar input, solar generator can be fully recharged within 3 hours (increases 20% compared with ordinary solar charging without MPPT controller).



Hydro Facial Dermabrasion Deep Cleaning Skin Rejuvenation Machine



6-in-1 small bubble beauty machine for face skin care. Adopts advanced technology, high quality more powerful. Vacuum suction is effective to do blackhead removal and acne problems. Skin Scrubber can do skin cleaning, skin moisturizing, dead skin remover. Portable design for use in a salon or home. 

Bring you glowing and smooth skin.

3 Cat Illustrations Design-02.png

Digest the Best, Forget the Rest!, just use the app and have fun!


More gift ideas for any occasion

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Get ready for the future of home living with our "Black Friday Smart Home Deals" gift ideas digest. We've scoured the best deals and gathered a curated collection of smart home products that will transform your living space into a tech-savvy haven. From voice-activated assistants and smart lighting to security systems and automated appliances, our showcase celebrates the convenience and innovation of modern living. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or looking to upgrade your home, our selection offers the perfect inspiration to create a smarter, more efficient, and connected living environment. Dive into our smart home deals guide and embrace the future of home living! 🏡🔌💡

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