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Wisher's features

Create Your Ideal Wishlist with Registry & Wishlist: Wisher

Your Virtual Gifting Assistant: AI-Powered Ideas

Reimagine how you find gifts, thanks to the brilliant touch of AI transforming ideas.

Wish the best, forget the rest!

Unleash the power of wishful thinking with Wisher! Save, share, and cherish your desired gifts, making every occasion truly special

Simple add wish from browser or other apps

Effortlessly save wishes from any mobile browser or other apps with just a few taps, without the need to open the app separately.

Wisher's gifts ideas

Short on time but in need of gift ideas? Explore our gift digest featuring a diverse range of presents for nearest occasion. Our user-friendly registry ensures you'll effortlessly find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Add wish via URL

Save wishes in just 2 taps with incredible ease! Simply paste the link of your desired item, and let Wisher's advanced algorithms take care of the rest.

Intuitive and modern list of wishes

Experience the convenience of a user-friendly and comprehensible wish list. Simplify wish list management and gift shopping with all your desires neatly collected in one place. Effortlessly search, organize, and create collections to keep your wishes perfectly organized.

Collections for any occasion

Discover a convenient and intuitive wish list, streamlining your wish list management and gift shopping. Access all your desires in one place, easily search, and create custom collections for effortless organization.

Minimalistic and friendly wish keeper

Essential information about your wishes is always at your fingertips. From ratings, photos, and descriptions to store links and personal notes, you can include additional details like shape, size, color, and more. This valuable information makes gift purchasing easier for you and your loved ones.

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Don't waste time, just use the app and have fun!

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