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Creature Couture: Pet Wedding Edition

A stunning collection of wedding clothes for our furry friends, ensuring that our companions are dressed to impress on your big day.



Formal Dress for Sphynx-Pink Trailing Dress


This is a stunning formal dress for Sphynx made exclusively for Sphynx cats. The three-dimensional lace on the dress does not tie the skin. When you want to take a photo of your cat or take your cat to an important occasion, this dress is definitely the first choice! The size can be customized, please note the variety and measurements when placing an order.



Kuoser Dog Tuxedo Dog Suit and Bandana Set


The pet costume features a black top hat; combine with Rubie's pet tuxedo costume accessories.



Hairless Cat Outfits 4-Piece British Plaid Suit for Sphynx Dressed Up


No need to worry about your hairless cat being dressed inappropriately for formal occasions.

Our complete set of 4 pieces for hairless cat outfits comes in dapper British Plaid that is perfect for Sphynx dressed up on any special occasions and formal events.

We have everything you need to look and be on point with our black tie, plaid vest, plaid suit jacket, and white or black shirt– all designed for your Sphynx cat's unique body needs.

With this hairless cat outfit, you'll have everything your little boy needs to look like a British gentleman at any important events – but even better, they won't need to do much more than wear it!

Sophisticated workmanship with a classic look will leave all of your friends convinced that they're seeing double!



Pampas Grass And Bunny Tail Rope Dog Leash


This cat wedding tuxedo features a button style design, making it easy to wear and take off. The cat tuxedo suit comes with two colors of bow tie and a beautiful bow tie on the back, making your cat more attractive.



Pet Rabbit Wedding Tuxedo with Bow Tie


This cat wedding tuxedo features a button style design, making it easy to wear and take off. The cat tuxedo suit comes with two colors of bow tie and a beautiful bow tie on the back, making your cat more attractive.



Beige Dog Tuxedo Custom Wedding


This dog tuxedo is great for your fur baby to accompany you on any celebration no matter the occasion!
The tux is light in weight to let the pet be comfortable while it's wearing it.
It is made to order based on each dog's measurements.



Rabbit Vest Harness and Leash Set


This harness system sporting a gentlemanly style is specially designed for rabbits.



Cute Fashion Collars Necklace for Small Pets


Safety Buckle: with 5 adjustment holes for length adjustment. Metal buckle, D-ring, and soft fluff inside the collar help protect the pet's neck.



White Wedding Dress for Cat


These cat wedding dresses are made of high-quality materials, bringing a comfortable wearing experience for your pets, and using net yarn bows, super beautiful and shiny.



Dog Tuxedo Suit and Bandana Set


Maybe you need a special bride or groom, a ring bearer, or just a fancy wedding guest on your big day! The Kuoser Dog Tuxedo is one of the most popular costumes of the wedding season. Dress up your four-legged ring bearer in this adorable pet tuxedo, and Kuoser will make your Prince Charming look amazing on his "special day"!



Cat Pearl Collar-Pearl Necklace for cats (Heart shape)


This Cat Pearl Collar is very shiny. After your pet wears it, walking on the road will be very eye-catching. This is a pearl necklace for cats specially designed for pets, so don’t worry about it being inappropriate. You can choose the appropriate size according to your pet’s neck circumference. Regarding the design of the pet pearl necklace, we added a heart-shaped crystal. In the sun, it can become very shining!



Dog Ring Bearer Pillow


Wedding ring bearer pillow in tone with the colors of your wedding. Made with an exclusive design and quality materials, it allows your puppy to wear his wedding rings to the altar and be by your side on your special day.

This pillow can be made according to your needs, customizing it to make it perfect for your wedding.

You can choose the color of the bow tie, to reflect those of your event, the style of the bow tie, the material to make it (poplin or satin), and even the size (to ensure the best proportions and comfort for your puppy).



Navy And Pink Dog Wedding Suit


This navy and dusky pink dog wedding suit is the perfect way to include your favourite pup in your big day!

Please measure your dog carefully and check the sizing chart to make sure you choose the best size for your dog. Please do not measure too tight! ***Please note, when measuring your dogs necks size, also measure their head! The suit fits around the neck but must first fit over the dogs head!



4 Sets 8 Pieces Guinea Pig Clothes



Cute Pet Hat and Bow Tie Supplies: the package includes 4 sets of small animal pet hats and bow ties suits, including 1 black top hat, 1 red bow tie, 1 red hat, 1 black bow tie, 1 pink hat, 1 pink bow tie, 1 blue top hat, 1 blue bow tie, sufficient quantity and color to meet your pet's decorative needs.



Black Wedding Dog Tuxedo


Black satin dog tuxedo with a satin bow attached will be perfect for any wedding or special occasion.
This is a made-to-order custom tuxedo so take a moment to provide me your dog's measurements!
Custom-fit to your dog, taking into account individual measurements of your doggie.



Frisco Formal Dog Wedding Dress



This harness system sporting a gentlemanly style is specially designed for rabbits. A wedding-ready dress that’s perfect for their grand entrance down the aisle. Lovely lace floral embellishments with faux pearl beading, layered tulle skirt, and satin bow add a touch of elegance.



Necklace Pet Wedding Jewelry


Princess Pearl Pet Necklace Accessories For Puppies Dogs Cats Small Animals Wedding Jewelry Small Puppy Products For Yorkshire.



Diamond Lace Wedding Dress for Cats


Do you think this is an ordinary Dress for Cats? You are only half correct. As a result, this is not just an ordinary Sphynx cat dress, it is mainly a wedding dress. You can look at the details of this wedding dress. Firstly, there are a few diamonds and lace designs at the neckline. Next, we can look at the fabric of this wedding dress for the cat. The pure cotton fabric is very soft to the touch. However, there is another very important thing about wedding dresses, and that is the veil. So, you can buy the wedding dress alone, or you can buy a complete set. The set includes a wedding dress and veil. It is also very cost-effective. Secondly, this wedding dress for cats has one unique feature, its sleeves. The other clothes have two sleeves. And this wedding dress has only one cuff. Get your wedding dress for a cat, it is very easy to put on and take off the cat. Find more Sphynx cat clothes.



Bunny Style Lace Dress


Made of cotton and polyester, soft and skin-friendly, breathable and lightweight, prevents pet hair loss, machine washable.

Cute rabbit decoration on the back and reflective flakes on the dress will make your furry little princess even more adorable and charming.



Warm Boho Dog Flower Crown


Warm boho dog wedding crown featuring warm neutral tones of soft peach, khaki, light rust, and champagne. The perfect finishing touch for a dream boho-style wedding.

This crown is full and lush, and most suitable for medium to large dogs. Ideal for dogs with a fluffy coat!



Pet Rabbit Tux Bandana


Elegant beige wool tuxedo with black bow tie and ivory rose boutonnière on the lapel. Easy to adjust and position around your pet's neck with the velvet ribbon.

This item will be sent tracked via German Post in a bubbled envelope.



Cat Tuxedo With Bow Tie


Hand-knit cat tuxedo - dress suit with bow tie!



White Bridal Dog Wedding Dress


Elegant Fancy Dog Wedding Dress with Fancy Crystal, Pearls, and Flowers. The new collection from Myknitt Designer Dog Clothes. Your Fur baby will be the cutest bridesmaid ever.



Bonaweite Cat Tuxedo for Cats Only


These cat wedding tuxedo clothes feature a button-style design that is easy to put on and off. The red tie and fake pocket design on the back makes your cat stand out and more attractive. High quality craftsmanship fashion cat vest is suitable for indoor/outdoor wear.



4Pcs/Lot Pink Small Dog Shoes


Pink pet boots have casual shoes with a zipper and hook ring, which is convenient for penetrating and taking off. The shoes designed by the mesh eye are cool and breathable so that your dog's paws are dry and comfortable all day.



Wedding Dress for Cat


Six layers on this fancy pet dress, beautiful starry sky printed on the dress, matches a star on the neck. And the wedding style dress turns your pet into a beautiful bride.



Party Luxe Velvet Dog Bow Ties


Dog bow ties don't get more luxe than this. Created in sumptuous crushed velvet in a decadent shade of navy, it's the very epitome of sophistication and is sure to attract admirers wherever you and your pup go.

It's finished with our signature logo badge and fitted with neon elastic loops at the back for hassle-free attachment to your dog's collar. Harness user? Simply combine it with our exclusive bow tie harness clip and you're ready!

Love this? We have an array of beautiful velvet bow ties for dogs. Take a peek!



Wedding Personalised Dog Bandana


A super cute personalized bandana that is the perfect wedding outfit for a dog, what better way to get them involved in your big day.

Printed with a beautiful floral design, this personalized dog bandana is sure to make your dog look even cuter on the special day their humans get married.



Cat Dog White Flower Hairband Crown


White Flower Crown for Pets! Beautiful and simple.
This flower crown features small white mini flowers and greenery.
Fit pets of all sizes.



Dark Style Prince Hooded Cloak for Hairless Cat Dressed Up


This costume features a black velvet cloak with a hood and is complete with a fashionable metal chest chain.

It's a fun and unique way to dress up your cat at any special occasion such as weddings.

Make your cat that much cooler of high fashion while keeping them warm with the Medieval Court Prince style Hooded Cloak. They'll have no idea they're wearing a costume!

3 Cat Illustrations Design-02.png

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More gift ideas for any occasion


Celebrate the love between pets with our enchanting collection: Creature Couture - Pet Wedding Edition. Experience the magic of pet weddings with our curated selection of gift ideas that are perfect for the special occasion. From adorable pet wedding outfits and accessories to charming pet-themed decorations and keepsakes, our Pet Wedding Edition captures the joy and happiness of uniting our furry friends in matrimony. Whether you're planning a pet wedding or want to commemorate the union of two beloved pets, our collection has something to make the day truly memorable. With our partner ultimate wishlist app, Wisher, you can easily save and organize your favorite items, ensuring a delightful and stress-free shopping experience. Let love bloom and create cherished memories with our Creature Couture - Pet Wedding Edition! 🐾👰🐶🤵💕

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